June 2019 Holiday Camps

NMOS Camp (P4, P5)

1st week: 

2 mock papers

4 days: Tues to Fri 

4/5/6/7 June

  • 10 am - 12.30 pm

2nd week:

another 2 mock papers

4 days: Tues to Fri 

11/12/13/14 June

  • 10 am - 12.30 pm

Camp highlights for your child:

  • Know what questions to skip to optimise results.

  • Get familiar with new topics not yet taught in school. Connect these new concepts with concepts they already know. (eg relate ratio with units and then speed with ratio; or derive properties of polygons from triangles etc)

  • Practice under time limit with mock papers. Learn how to pace themselves in the competition. Find out how fast they should do to keep carelessness low and still do enough questions to score high.

  • Several methods are taught for the same problem. We will recommend which are suitable for your child based on their performance in the mock papers. In general, fast methods can save time, but are harder to master and apply flexibly; while slower methods will take longer to execute but are easier to understand and master. It's a trade-off. For best outcome, students targeting Bronze can practise different methods than those targeting Gold.


  • Whatsapp 81273588 with your child's name/level and any enquiries.