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Olympiad Math 

A large collection of curated problems 

We teach higher-order thinking skills by using Olympiad-style problems.


Our teaching method is based on one-on-one consultations with students, where we provide them with problem sets that are tailored to their ability level. During these consultations, we listen to their ideas and work with them to develop a solution together. This student-centered approach fosters creativity and helps students clarify their questions.


In individualized lessons like ours, students have ample time to learn from their mistakes while working on challenging, non-routine problems. When correcting their errors, we focus on helping them understand the source of the mistake, rather than simply providing the solution. This helps students become aware of their cognitive biases.

If students are struggling to solve a problem, we offer hints to guide them in the right direction, and only provide the solution if necessary. For students who are able to solve a problem independently, we may also show our solution for comparison, allowing them to learn from the differences.

There are two main areas for improvement in problem-solving: (1) How to figure things out on your own, and (2) how to master what others have already figured out. A beginner may find them contradictory, but like the backhand and forehand of a badminton player, they often complement each other. 

Higher-order thinking involves more than just recognizing a problem and applying the correct method. What may appear to be tidy and logical in a solution book does not always reflect the actual process of arriving at a solution. Our approach offers students a rare glimpse into the thinking habits, behaviors, and perspectives of strong problem solvers, which are not commonly found in traditional classrooms.

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