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Theme-based learning for young adults

Have you ever wondered why the divisibility rule of 9 works? Or why, when you divide something by a fraction, you can flip the fraction and change the divide into multiply?


While these questions have short and intuitive explanations, the questions you may ask as you progress further will require a longer chain of prerequisites to understand.


If you are fascinated by why things work, this enrichment module is for you.


Think of these mini-projects as an intellectual adventure, where we bring you back to key moments in history and let you role-play as a young mathematician and participate in the (re)discovery of math concepts that shaped our world into what it is today.

From deciphering the orientation of ancient houses, to coding a simplified RSA algorithm from scratch, you shall draw upon your interdisciplinary knowledge to solve some historically-signficant problems and steer our civilization ahead.

Along the way, you will encounter Isaac Newton in his quest to understand gravity, advise Leonhard Euler in formulating the curious "e^(i*pi) = -1", and render your help to other great minds like Archimedes, Ptolemy, Alhazen, Kepler and Fourier etc.

Without realizing it, you would have come a long way from the simple curiousities like the divisibility rules and fraction procedures, to understanding some of the greatest achievements of the human mind.


We hope you will find this a breathtaking journey.

On a more practical note, we also design these mini-projects to teach the school syllabus. Hands-on activities can desensitize you to new information and shorten the time you need to absorb new concepts. These memorable activities also reduce your need to rely on rote-memorization for your math exams.

Click the link below to see some examples of how we teach trigonometry through mini-projects.

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